Donni Fludd

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Some people save the best for last but personally I like to start off with the best.Therefore I’m starting off my recognition with Donni Fludd. I say he’s the best not only because he is my older brother, but because he is the hardest working person that I know. For decades I have seen Donni outwork everyone around him, to become the greatest at what he does , from Competitive Boxing to becoming a Lieutenant in the U.S Army to becoming a successful Realtor and that’s just a few of his many achievements.

Donni is currently a Realtor based out of Home-smart Realty in PA. Hes been a realtor for going on 4 years, and each year has been a better year than the prior one, so there are no steps backwards for his progress. Donni’s plans are to be not only the number one Realtor in PA but number one Realtor in the world, and on the track that he’s going I can see it happening a lot sooner than later.

To our first person to get recognized,we just want to say congratulations and that we are here with you every step of the way on your journey to greatness; and for anybody in PA looking to purchase or sell a home definitely contact Donni via Cell/ 215-526-1979 and follow his journey via Facebook:Donni Fludd and Instagram:@donni_fludd

Find the video to the interview on the link below.Make sure to subscribe for more content

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