Every Storm Ends With A Rainbow


Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? God please help me. I wish this wasn’t real. Get me out of this nightmare… Have you ever said any of these to yourself? Well believe it or not everybody has said something among these lines at least once in life and if they haven’t they will. You’re not alone.

Everybody, I mean everybody has been in a hole that they had to dig themselves out of. If you’re currently in that hole, trust and believe you are not the only one, and you will find a way out of it. Getting out of the hole might not happen today and it might not happen tomorrow, but you will get through it. I’ve never told anybody my story because I was too embarrassed by it for the longest time, but ever since I put it in my head that I’m not the only one, I started to feel alot better about it, and don’t mind sharing now. I had a rough period in my life where I’ve been down to almost the lowest of lows. Starting off by getting kicked out of my house, and then loosing my car within the same month,my boss told me that my sales were falling at work so they were considering demoting me, and to make matters even worse, my credit according to Credit Karma was in the bottom 10% of all users. I couldn’t get approved for an apartment or a car due to my credit being shot, so I was forced to sleep on my parents couch and ride my bike to work. For about a month I did endless research on how to get approved for a car and apartment with bad credit, and none of the tips that I’ve received were helpful. At the end of my long research and heartbreaking trips to dealerships and leasing offices, the only thing that happened was that my credit got worse due to all of the inquires. I would look on social media and see how other people at the age of 23 where living, and they were living “great” lives with their new cars and own place to live, and that would just mess me up way more mentally.

After months of mopping around and doing nothing positive for my life, I decided that enough is enough, i’m going to make a big change for the better, I refused to stay at my parents house forever, and it started getting way to cold to be riding my bike everywhere. It was time to take initiative. For the next few months I would work my ass off at work to improve my sales, and with the improvement my higher ups noticed my performance and called me with an offer to run my own store. With that promotion I was able to save up enough money to pay off an eviction that I had on my credit from a few years prior, and a couple months later was approved for my apartment. A year after that I was finally able to get approved for a car, and now I’ve gotten my credit score above 600.No more bottom 10% !!

Life is what you make of it, and you can’t get caught up into other peoples lives. People on social media only post the results, they don’t post the long gruesome process behind it or any hard times that they’ve had. You can either let those hard times whoop your ass and keep you down, or you can fight back with all of your might and show life that you’re not the one to be played with. It’s up to you. If you’re currently going through a hard time in life just remember that there is rainbow at the end of every storm. Don’t ever give up on yourself.

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