Cindy Jones

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Cool,relaxed, and calming. 3 of the best words that I can use for this individual. Cindy is not only a yoga instructor, but hands down one of the best yoga instructor in South Jersey. She has been instructing for a little over 2 years and is on the right path to opening her own studio in the near future. Personally by her personality I think she should call it Triple C yoga studio. Calm,Cool and Collected Yoga,lol but it’s her choice.

When I was younger I had the perception that yoga was only for elderly woman. I don’t know why I thought that, maybe I seen only elderly woman do yoga in movies, idk. I do know that anytime the thought of yoga came into my head, I would tell myself that I would never try it. My thoughts on it are totally opposite now though, and Cindy has a huge part to do with my change of perception. I took my first yoga class with Cindy because I wanted to improve my flexibility for boxing, and I also wanted to start meditating but didn’t know where to start with that. She started the session off by putting on the most calming/peaceful music, and that alone puts you in a different zone.She was very professional and prepared by provided me with a mat and blocks and we got to it. I’ve taken classes before where I really didn’t know what was going on. The teacher would yell out a move for the class to do, and I would just look dumbfounded, like what the hell is that, and have to look over at my neighbors to try to figure it out so that I wouldn’t keep interrupting the class. With Cindy it was nothing like that. She was doing the moves right along with me, so that I would have a visual demonstration of each of them and the transitions were very smooth the whole way through. We would end with the extremely calming,out of this world meditation that almost had me singing Hakuna Matata lol, due to feeling so worry and stress free. The experience was truly amazing and one that I would recommend anyone of all ages to try.

To the only yoga instructor that I will ever use in my whole entire life, I just want to say congratulations on being Recognized. You have all of our support and we wish you the greatest success on your journey to becoming the greatest yoga instructor to ever live. Make sure to follow Cindy on Instagram @Lou_cindy25 .

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