New Jersey

Cindy Jones

Cool,relaxed, and calming. 3 of the best words that I can use for this individual. Cindy is not only a yoga instructor, but hands down one of the best yoga instructor in South Jersey. She has been instructing for a little over 2 years and is on the right path to opening her own studio

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Brielle Walker

The future for dogs!!!! Imagine a world where you can click on an app and find every service that you need for your dog. I know that would make life for my chihuahua and I way more convenient. For dog owners all around the world..get ready for the future! Brielle is a young innovative entrepreneur

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Laquita Dougans

She makes sweets!! Banana pudding, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and much more. When we started the interview, she started off by naming some of the many desserts that she makes and my mouth started watering.She knew exactly what she was doing, almost had me stop the interview and place an order. Laquita is an entrepreneur

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Donkey’s Place

Have you ever been driving and then suddenly the smell of heaven hits your nose? One of the only places in the world that truly doesn’t have to advertise because of the smell of their food.When you drive past, it almost makes you want to hit an illegal U turn and order whatever’s cooking. Donkey’s

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